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In 2014, Rev. Jesse Jackson launched the PUSHTech2020 initiative to challenge the virtual exclusion of African Americans and people of color in the tech industry, and to open up new era of inclusion, diversity and equality.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, through 2020 there will be 9.2 million jobs in the areas of science, technology,engineering and mathematics (STEM). Of those jobs, more than half —4.6 million—will be in computing, compared to 2.8 million in engineering and 0.6 million in the life sciences.

PUSHTech2020 has since launched its FaithTechinitiative, creating tech labs in the churches to bring digital inclusion to the faith based communities; SportsTech, to match athletes and sports to the world of technology; TeQEQuity, to forge partnerships between tech companies, schools, and community based organizations using technology to advance equality and social justice movements.

A major focus of our 47th Annual RainbowPUSHConvention scheduled to be held July 12-15 in Chicago, Illinois will be our three-day PUSH Technology Expo. We invite your company to join other technology based or related corporations to showcase the trends, advances, and opportunities in technology produced by your company for consumers, educators, and business owners.

A particular strength of our Technology Expo is that it will attract 2000 diverse attendees that range from student groups atevery grade level, to community residents, pastors and church members, business owners and workers. It will be a platform for entrepreneurs, community based organizations, and tech companies to showcase their technologies and how they are using technology in this ever changing world.


Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

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  • Brand association with one of the most influential leaders and organizations around the globe.

  • Exposure to the tune of 15MM+ impressions through various digital and physical channels throughout the duration of the event and promotional campaigns.
  • High awareness and engagement opportunities on-site among key demographics.

Sponsorship Registration

To become a sponsor, please download this form, print and return with payment to:

Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Citizenship Education Fund Annual International Convention

John Mitchell or April Branch
Rainbow PUSH Coalition
930 East 50th Street
Chicago, IL 60615